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How does an organization apply for funding?

All applications must be submitted online via our website. Due to the large volume of requests, we can only respond to requests submitted via this website.

How does Perdue decide what to fund?

Our corporate giving philosophy is guided by the belief that we can make the most difference by strengthening our communities through a grassroots contribution program. Requests from organizations that meet our Guidelines are managed at the local level. To support this local focus, each of our major facilities is afforded the opportunity to provide company funding to local organizations. As a company, we may also identify opportunities to work directly with organizations and programs that support our charitable giving objectives.

What are the chances my request will receive funding?

We receive many more worthy requests than we can possibly fund, and, unfortunately, cannot support every request that meets our guidelines. Likelihood of funding depends upon a number of factors, including the number of requests received and the availability of funds.

How and when will I know if my request is granted?

Each quarter, we review requests received during the previous three months. Organizations will then be notified by Perdue as to whether or not the request will receive funding.

How can I check the status of my request?

You will receive an email notifying you that your request has been received. After the request has been reviewed, you will be notified as to whether or not we are able to provide funding to your organization. Unfortunately, the large volume of requests makes it impossible for us to respond to letters and phone calls.

If my request is granted, when will the funds be disbursed?

Requests under $1000 are considered each month. Requests over $1000 are reviewed quarterly. Notification of decisions and checks are normally disbursed by the end of the month in which they were considered.

If my request was not funded, can I re-apply?

If your request met our charitable giving guidelines but we were unable to fund it at this time, you may reapply. However, if your request did not meet our guidelines, future requests will also be declined.

Why can't I submit my request by mail or fax?

The online submission enables us to efficiently manage the large volume of requests we receive, ensuring we have all the necessary information to properly evaluate each request and enabling us to put more resources into supporting our communities. The online process also helps applicants determine if the request meets our guidelines.

What if I need to submit additional documents?

The online application process allows you to upload Microsoft® Word® compatible text files (including .doc, .docx, .txt and .rtf formats) or PDF files. If you have hard copy documents, we suggest you have them scanned and saved as PDF files.

What is the average size of a grant from the Franklin P. and Arthur W. Perdue Foundation?

We award grants in a range of sizes to the organizations we support but our average grant is approximately $10,340.

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