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A History of Leadership

Perdue's Journey Away From Antibiotics
  • 2002: Perdue responds to growing consumer concern over the routine use of antibiotics in animal agriculture, and makes internal commitment to reduce antibiotic use. 
  • 2005: Perdue phased out the use of specific medically important animal antibiotics, including floroquinolones, four years before the FDA banned the use of floroquinolones in animal agriculture. 
  • 2007: Perdue successfully removed all human antibiotics from its chicken feed formulations. That same year, Perdue launched the PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® brand of NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ chicken, with the first-ever USDA Process Verified Program assuring that no antibiotics of any kind were used at any point. Within a few years, PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® reached national distribution, becoming the leading brand of NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ chicken in the U.S. 
  • 2009: Perdue began studying improvements in hatchery practice to eliminate the common practice of injecting chicken eggs with antibiotics, including gentamicin, a drug used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections in humans. 
  • 2011: Perdue acquired Coleman Natural Foods. The combined production made Perdue the leading producer of NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ chicken, as well as the leading producer of USDA certified organic chicken. 
  • 2012: Perdue Foodservice launches a full-line of NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ menu items under the PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® brand. 
  • 2014: Through improvements in husbandry and hatchery practices, Perdue was able to announce that it had eliminated the routine use of human antibiotics chicken production. Over the previous 12 years, Perdue reduced the use of human antibiotics in its chicken production by 95%. Perdue’s milestone is followed by promises from other poultry companies and some of their customers to reduce antibiotic use. Later that year, Perdue transitions the entire PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® convenience products to NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™.  
  • 2015: Perdue announced that more than 50% of its chickens and 40% of its turkeys never receive any antibiotics of any kind. Following confusing claims by other producers, Perdue called for clarity in labels and claims, and committed to continuing to reduce the use of all antibiotics. Perdue Foodservice launched seven NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ products for school lunch programs and commits to converting the remainder of its K-12 products during the  2014-15 school year. That fall, Perdue acquired Niman Ranch, increasing its production of NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ pork.
  • 2016: Perdue converts its entire line of frozen and refrigerated convenience products to NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™, a move that transforms the retail chicken market. Perdue Foodservice announces that it will convert its entire line of turkey products to NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™, joining a full roster of NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ chicken menu items. The company’s NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ chicken production reaches 67%, and turkey surpasses the halfway mark.  
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