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Perdue is continuing its leadership in providing the transparency and assurance of NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ products, at the same time the company is continuing to reduce its use of all antibiotics.

Perdue is significantly increasing the availability of NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ poultry products in the grocery store.

  • Perdue is converting all of its refrigerated and frozen convenience products to NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ (NAE).  
    •  The conversion covers more than 100 existing and new PERDUE® branded products available in grocery stores across the country and will be complete by May. 
    •  This doubles the total volume of NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ products available to consumers from all brands.  
    •  Perdue is the first major brand to convert all of its value-added products to NAE, providing consumers NAE chicken choices in every category. 

Perdue converting all its foodservice distribution turkey items to NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™.

  •  This increases Perdue’s foodservice NAE items to more than 150 menu items available to independent restaurant operators through distributors nation-wide.

Perdue continues to reduce the use of ALL antibiotics in its poultry production.

  •  67% of Perdue’s chickens are now raised without any antibiotics of any kind, up from 50% in July 2015. 
  •  Perdue continues to hold its use of human antibiotics in chicken production to less than five percent of its flocks, using them only when there is no other option for responsible treatment and only when prescribed by a veterinarian. (If this happens to a flock in the No Antibiotics Ever program, that flock would be removed from program and sold through other channels.) 
  •  50% of our turkeys are now raised NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™. 

Perdue’s volume of NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ poultry is providing the consistent and sustainable supply to transform the market.

  •  Perdue supplies several national restaurant chains. 
  •  Perdue has a full-line of Child Nutrition certified school lunch menu items that meet the raised without antibiotics criteria of the Urban School Food Alliance, a consortium of the country’s six largest school districts covering more than 3 million K-12 students. 
  •  Perdue is supplying NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ products to colleges and universities and to hospitals and health care institutions, including those aligned with Healthcare Without Harm. 
  •  Perdue exceeds the requirements for the Certified Responsible Antibiotic Use criteria for School Food Focus. Perdue has eight of the nine chicken plants currently listed as approved by School Food Focus since it announced its program in April 2015. 
  •  Perdue is the leading producer of NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ chicken and pork, and of USDA certified organic chicken. Perdue is also setting the pace in NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ turkey production. 

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