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Perdue Transforming Retail Chicken Marketplace

No-Antibiotics-Ever Prepared Chicken Goes Mainstream, Doubling Volume Available to Consumers

Perdue Foods, already the largest producer of chicken raised without any antibiotics through its PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® and PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® brands, is taking its NO-ANTIBIOTICS-EVER™ offerings mainstream with a big move that promises to transform the entire chicken category with national distribution from a leading brand.

 “We are converting our entire frozen, refrigerated and fresh value-added products to carry the ‘NO-ANTIBIOTICS-EVER’™ claim – more than 100 SKUs,” said Andy Urban, Senior Vice President of Sales for Perdue Foods. “This is something thats happening now, not years in the future. These are in production now. Consumers will start to see the change in a few weeks, and well complete the transition in May.”

“With this, were taking NO-ANTIBIOTICS-EVER™ mainstream,” said Jim Perdue, Chairman, Perdue Farms. “We know consumers want the assurance that comes with ‘NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™,and they dont want that option limited to a few items, nor do they want to wait years.” Were excited to be the first major brand to deliver NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ across the full range of chicken products. This is the kind of leadership consumers expect from the PERDUE® brand.”

“These are the everyday, go-to PERDUE® products consumers count on to turn their dinner-time ‘to-dos” into delicious ‘tadas,” said Eric Christianson, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Innovation for Perdue Foods. “Consumers shouldnt have to decide between chicken raised without antibiotics that they can feel good about, and the convenience they need in todays busy lifestyles. Were giving them both, and were doing it now.”

The raised-without-antibiotics fresh category continues to grow by double-digit rates. The growth of raised-without-antibiotics chicken shows a strong and growing consumer preference for these products. “We know the trends start in the fresh category, then progress to further-processed items,” said Urban. “Up until now, though, shoppers have had limited choices for raised-without-antibiotics once they move beyond the fresh meat case. Were about to change that a big way by converting 100 percent of our further-processed chicken to NO-ANTIBIOTICS-EVER™.”

Beginning this month, Perdue will introduce several new frozen, fully cooked items and new flavors of seasoned, fresh boneless chicken breast made from chicken raised with NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™. Continuing through May, Perdues existing fully-cooked chicken products; fresh, seasoned chicken and individually frozen products will make the switch. 

 “Our PERDUE® NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ products give consumers who want chicken raised without any antibiotics a clear choice that were now making available across a lot more products,” said Christianson. “While others are promising future reductions of some antibiotics, were giving consumers even more products from chicken raised with zero antibiotics, and were doing it with the products they already enjoy.”

Also making the switch to NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ status are PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® carved chicken breast products. “This created a whole new category when we introduced it, and has since spawned several imitators, weve kept innovating to stay ahead,” said Christianson. “Moving to NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ chicken is another step forward.”

Consumers looking for a little extra convenience when cooking chicken will also see NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER® on their favorite PERDUE® ready-to-cook products, including pre-seasoned, individually wrapped, chicken items, and individually frozen chicken breasts.

“Were going to continue to reduce the use of all antibiotics, which will mean the ongoing expansion of our NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ offerings,” said Perdue. “We believe consumers are concerned about the use of all antibiotics, not just some. Through NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER™ chicken, were giving them that choice.

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