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Read What Others Have to Say About Perdue's Animal Care Commitments Announcement

Advocacy Groups
We commend Perdue for being the first major poultry company to publish such a detailed policy on animal welfare. This announcement shows their willingness to disclose where they are at and where they are going in terms of improving the lives of chickens.  Time will tell what this means for the birds, but it is a momentous first step in the right direction.
Leah Garces, Executive Director
Compassion in World Farming

Perdue’s new animal welfare policy is precedent setting, and while we look forward to the company adopting timelines for achieving its goals, it’s important progress from a major poultry producer. The shift toward controlled atmosphere slaughter is a particularly important animal welfare improvement.
Josh Balk, Senior Director of Food Policy
The Humane Society of the United States

BJ’s Wholesale Club strives to partner with suppliers that join us in embracing the Five Freedoms. As a result, we applaud our supplier, Perdue, for its responsibility to ensure animals are treated humanely.
Scott Williams, Assistant Vice President of
Owned Brands and Quality
BJ’s Wholesale Club

We are very encouraged by Perdue’s efforts on animal care and we hope to move forward with them as they progress and we congratulate them on this commitment.” 
Karen Meleta, Vice President of Consumer and Corporate Communications
Shop Rite

Perdue Farmers
I believe that Perdue is going above and beyond for the animal care of their chickens. It might be a little bit more work, but it is making it better for the bird, and making a better environment for the grower.
Karen Speake

I have seen programs implemented that have been discussed in producer council meetings. If there are questions or concerns someone has always answered or found the answer. Do I think the company cares about me? The people in Perdue that I come in contact with and/or deal with on a daily basis without a doubt, I know they care.
Steven Brake
North Carolina

It’s wonderful that Perdue is taking these initiatives. We’re almost going back in time with what we’re doing, and putting the chickens back in a more natural state. I think we’re moving in the right direction making sure these birds are in a more natural habitat, and they’re more content.
Georgi Cartanza

Perdue is on the right track in improving poultry welfare. The company has came a long way in the 30 years that I have been with them.
Wanda Russell
North Carolina

I think the time is right to advance the area of poultry welfare. I believe our customers would appreciate our efforts to care for chickens in a manner that would produce a healthier product. Consumers today are more aware of where and how their food is raised.
Kem Bloodworth

I have seen firsthand that happy and comfortable animals live better, perform better and it makes the farmer feel better. Even if it takes a little longer and a little more work, you will always sleep better at night knowing you have done the right thing caring for your animals.
Steve Carpenter
North Carolina

The process of the industry’s evolution from a least-cost production paradigm to one of valuing the chicken’s mindset and mental wellbeing is ongoing and will be a determining factor in which companies thrive in the new market and which ones fail. Change is a fact of life and I am glad Perdue is leading this revolution.
Burney Baker
North Carolina


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