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Statement on Nutrition and Health

Since 1968, when we introduced to consumers the first premium brand of chicken, we've focused on providing high quality, wholesome and healthy products while meeting consumer expectations for quality, taste, convenience and variety.

Offering Healthier Choices
Perdue was the first poultry company to include nutritional information on our packaging. We know that today's consumers want more than good taste; they also want products that are good for them. That's why we offer a wide range of products to help consumers make healthy choices without sacrificing taste or convenience.

We've reformulated our breaded, fully cooked chicken products to be 0 grams of trans fat per serving. We're giving consumers lower-fat, baked product options and will soon offer whole grain items.

  • Our frozen chicken nuggets and chunks consist of all-white meat chicken, making them lower in fat than other nuggets.
  • Our whole-grain breaded product line, launching in June of 2010, will meet the USDA Dietary Guidelines for whole grains, providing 8 grams of whole grains and 4 grams of fiber per serving. In addition PERDUE® whole grain breaded chicken breast nuggets and tenders are "child nutrition" labeled, indicating the contribution of these products toward fulfilling the USDA's daily child nutrition meal pattern requirements.
  • Our low fat, baked, refrigerated breaded products are made with only white-meat chicken and have 40% less fat than USDA data for comparable breaded, fried boneless chicken products.

Reducing sodium
Since 2005, we've been actively reducing the amount of sodium in our processed products, reformulating, whenever possible, to no more 480 mg of sodium per serving size. That effort includes formulations with reduced sodium and the development and use of natural flavor-enhancing blends unique to PERDUE® products.

  • For our customers and consumers who prefer enhanced ready-to-cook products, we offer our PERDUE® TENDER & TASTY™ fresh and frozen chicken products. We have significantly reduced sodium in this product line, and are working to bring that even lower.
  • Our fresh, 100% natural chicken products offer consumers a wide range of naturally low-fat, low cholesterol ready-to-cook items with no added sodium. PERDUE® PERFECT PORTIONS® boneless, skinless breasts offer a healthy ready-to-cook meal solution that meets the needs of today's time-starved consumers, and are available in an all-natural choice with no added sodium or other ingredients.
  • The use of potassium lactate in the place of sodium lactate in our turkey breast line has reduced sodium on average more than 300 mg per serving size.
  • Overall, on an annualized basis we've removed 400,000 pounds of salt from our product formulations, and reduced sodium content by an average of 15% across our product lines. More than 75% of our products have 480 mg of sodium or less per serving.

A continuous focus on health and wellness
We are committed to providing the most wholesome, good-for-you products and will continue to evaluate our existing products and introduce new products that address consumers' growing interest in health and wellness.


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