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Food Safety Position Statement

Perdue's comprehensive "farm-to-fork" food safety program provides the assurance that our food products are safe and wholesome.

A comprehensive program
Our comprehensive food safety program ensures quality and monitors for food safety with audited and documented processes at every step, including:

  • The breeder operations that supply eggs to our hatcheries
  • The way our birds are raised and the ingredients that go into their feed
  • Our processing operations
  • Transportation and distribution
  • All the way through packaging and consumer education

Food safety starts on the farm
Food safety starts on the farm with documented Best Management Practices. Food-safety BMPs are in place in all our breeder, hatchery, feed-mill and grow-out programs. We conduct food safety audits on each of our live production operations every year.

Ensuring safe and wholesome products
Food safety is the top priority in processing, and begins with healthy birds. Our veterinarians and flock supervisors work with our poultry farm partners to monitor the health of our birds. We test each flock prior to processing to ensure our products are free of any pesticides, and strict adherence to FDA guidelines and USDA testing ensure that PERDUE poultry are free of antibiotic residue at processing.

Documented and audited Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs) set food safety protocols for each of our food processing operations.

  • We begin by completely sanitizing our food processing plants before the start of each workday, and antibacterial hand-washes and footwear baths guard against contamination.
  • Each of our food processing plants has USDA inspectors.
  • Written HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plans ensure adherence to strict government food safety standards. HACCP plans include monitoring and testing of products by Perdue and USDA at critical steps throughout the processing plant to prevent food safety hazards.
  • Each Perdue food processing plant has a Food Protection Manager certified by ServSafe, the leading food safety education program.
  • Perdue's Quality Assurance Managers are trained as Certified Food Safety Professionals, a designation recognized by the National Environmental Health Association, a leading food safety education program.
  • All Perdue food-processing associates receive formal food safety training.
  • Careful screening of our suppliers, documentation of ingredients, full traceability and clear, plain-language labels provide an added level of assurance.
  • Advanced telemetry on our transportation fleet and state-of-the-art supply chain information ensure the timely arrival of our product shipments and include monitoring product temperature all the way the customer.
  • Clear handling and cooking instructions, Use-By dates printed directly on consumer packaging and consumer food safety information complete our farm-to-fork food safety program.

An ongoing commitment to improving food safety
We were the first in the industry with an in-house microbiology lab to test products for food safety. Today, we remain an industry leader with advanced laboratory equipment and highly trained, scientific experts, including PhDs and board-certified veterinarians.

We're committed to reaching continuously higher level of food safety, and continue to research and innovate. Food Safety teams at each of our locations share information and research across all areasfrom hatchery to processingand across the company.


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