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Food Safety: Raising the Bar

At Perdue Foods, we’re not content to rest on our record of food safety, nor do we consider it sufficient to pass USDA inspections and third-party food safety audits. We know customers and consumers put their trust in our brands and the Perdue reputation, and we’re committed to continuously building upon that trust—day in and day out.
  • Our food safety efforts are focused on continuous improvement. We believe that by establishing consistent, documented programs, and by monitoring our results and using those results to drive improvement, we can ensure the safety and wholesomeness of our food products.
  • We maintain full traceability of the ingredients that go into our products, and of the delivery of our products to customers. If there ever is a problem with one of our products, we can respond quickly and effectively to protect consumers.
  • Our food safety programs don’t stop at the processing plant. That’s because food safety starts with a healthier chicken. Our efforts go back to the very first step in our breeder flocks, continue through the hatchery, into our feed mills and onto the farm.
  • That same attention to detail extends across every processing step, into packaging and at every point in the distribution and delivery of our products.

The Perdue Foods Innovation Center

Our Innovation Center—a multi-million-dollar facility complete with new product development kitchens, packaging testing, consumer sensory testing—and even a USDA-approved pilot plant for test runs of new products—houses our food products research and development efforts.

  • Here, we develop new branded consumer products, continuously improve taste and quality and come up with innovative ideas to make meal time convenient.
  • We also work with retail and foodservice customers and other partners to develop private label food products.
  • With consumer and commercial kitchens, we’re able to quickly take ideas from concept to plate—and into full-scale production.
  • Our Innovation Center is also at the heart of our efforts to improve nutrition, reduce sodium levels and focus on all-natural ingredients.

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