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We're committed to environmental stewardship

Perdue is committed to environmental stewardship and shares that commitment with the farm families who raise our chickens. We believe it is possible to preserve the family farm and provide a safe, abundant and affordable food supply, while protecting our communities and the environment.

Perdue is a leader in addressing the full range of environmental challenges related to agriculture and food processing, investing millions of dollars in research, new technology, equipment upgrades, awareness and training.

The Perdue Family of Companies - Environmental Stewardship Accomplishments:

  Protecting the Environment

Perdue AgriRecycle, the first-ever large-scale litter recycling operation, celebrated its 10th anniversary in May of 2011. In its first decade of operation, Perdue AgriRecycle which collects surplus litter from Delmarva poultry producers has received more than 730,000 tons of litter, which is the equivalent of more than 29,000 tractor-trailer loads.

That means Perdue AgriRecycle has handled more than 58 million pounds of nitrogen, 29 million pounds of phosphorus and 44 million pounds of potassium. Since 2008, more than half of those nutrients have been moved outside the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

  • Phytase, an enzyme added to poultry feed, reduces phosphorus in manure by 25%.

  • We've invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art upgrades to our wastewater treatment facilities. The water coming out of many of our treatment plants is cleaner than the well water we draw out of the ground.

  • We're reformulating products and processes to reduce waste streams. Examples include reducing phosphate use in further-processed food products.

  Resource Conservation

  • Our water conservation programs in our processing plants have reduced water use by more than 683,000 gallons per week.
  • Cold cathode lighting in our farm partners' chicken houses reduces energy use by 80%.
  • Recycling efforts at our operations have reduced solid waste by as much as 50% per location.
  • We've used computerized routing technology to reduce the distances traveled by our flock supervisors to visit our farm partners' poultry operations by 2,000 miles per week.
  • The Environmental Management Systems (EMS) at our processing plants are modeled after internationally recognized ISO 14001 standards and integrates environmental sustainability goals into every aspect of plant operations.
  • New re-circulating cooling equipment at our Salisbury, Maryland soy processing operation reduced water use by more than 5 million gallons per week, the equivalent of 1,500 average households.
  • We’re reducing electricity use in our operations by installing high efficiency lighting that also improves the workplace.
  • Perdue Transportation Inc., our delivery fleet, is an EPA SmartWay Transport Partner with an "exceptional" rating.
  • Our corporate office in Salisbury, Maryland, is undergoing renovations aimed at achieving LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building "gold" level certification.


  • A recent change in casesize reduced the number of trucks needed each year to ship a popular product to our foodservice customers by 75.
  • We work with a box supplier to find an alternative to waxed cardboard of shipping cases of rotisserie chicken. The switch to a recyclable box will enable our customers to reduce the amount of waxed cardboard going into the waste stream by as much as 4,000 tons.
  • "Eco-Friendly" trayless packages eliminate Styrofoam and plastic trays.
  • A more efficient process reduced packaging for our twin-pack Cornish hens by 56%.
  • A redesigned box lid for a major retail customer reduced corrugated cardboard use by 1.3 million square feet a year.

  Green Energy

  • Our first solar energy project, with solar farms at our corporate office in Salisbury, Maryland and a feed mill in Bridgevile, Delaware is one of the largest non-commercial solar installations on east coast.

  • Biomass boilers at the Perdue AgriBusiness Cofield, North Carolina soy crushing operation and Lewiston, North Carolina rendering plant will use waste wood chips from the area's lumber businesses.
  • In one year, we used 883,000 gallons of biodiesel in our Delmarva trucks.

  • We're exploring litter-to-energy technologies.

  Community Outreach and Associate Involvement

  • Perdue partnered with the Center for Inland Bays to improve water quality in Eastern Shore's Little Assawoman Bay.

  • Perdue pledged 750 volunteer hours to environmental groups as part of our Maryland Public Television's Chesapeake Bay Week Volunteer-a-thon.
  • Project Clean Streams collected more than 72,000 pounds of trash through local waterway clean-up efforts.

  • We continue to work with local, grass-roots environmental groups and programs, such as the Oyster Recovery Partnership and Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. These partnerships provide support to worthwhile projects while also giving our associates volunteer opportunities.

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