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Selective Hedge®

Selective Hedge is a unique risk management program designed by a producer for producers. It gives you an updated snapshot of your risk management and financial picture on a daily basis. Selective Hedge will paint a daily financial picture of where your operation is and where it is heading. It provides the clarity that will help to lead to better decision-making with less stress.

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The Daily Snapshot

  • Tracks three separate crops in three different years.
  • Shows an updated total crop value on a daily basis.
  • Breaks down the total value of each crop separately as well as the value of any hedge position.

The Transaction Page

  • Enter and view all your cash grain sales and hedging positions.
  • Separate sales based on delivery location.
  • Options positions can be applied to a particular cash transaction.

The Operations Detail

  • Calculates the cost of production to obtain an accurate per acre or per bushel cost.
  • Three years of information can be inserted for each of your crops.
  • Enter details on crop insurance and storage capacity

The Revenue Chart

  • Can project various income scenarios by changing the crop yield or revenue floor or ceiling.
  • The crop insurance component adjusts when the actual yield estimate is dropped below the trigger yield.

Selective Hedge will enable you as a producer to strategically build a marketing plan as market opportunities arise.

Introducing Brokerage (IB)

Perdue AgriBusiness is pleased to offer Introducing Brokerage (IB) services through our subsidiary, PRM Services LLC, as part of our overall producer risk management portfolio.  This service will be offered through our partnership with FCM Division of INTL FCStone Financial Inc.  INTLFCStone.com.

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By opening an account through PRM Services LLC, the following valuable services will be provided:

  • Assistance in understanding market risk.
  • Experienced evaluation of market trends and dynamics.
  • Access to market information.
  • Understanding of regulatory changes that may impact hedging plans.
  • Expertise in developing strategies to meet your hedging goals.

For further information call: (443)359-7865 or email: bradford.hansen@perdue.com

Disclaimer:  Derivatives trading involves substantial risk and you should fully understand those risks prior to trading.

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