10 Coleman Natural®* & Budweiser® Introduce New Natural Meat Line Targeting the millennial consumers to stop and shop in the processed meat case, Coleman Natural®* and Budweiser® launched a partnership with five new items combining slow-roasted, all-natural Coleman®* pork, with no-antibiotics-ever and no added hormones, and an iconic American beer brand. The five new products include barbeque and grilling items: St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs in full and half racks, Pulled Pork, Jalapeño Cheddar Brats and Beer Brats. The St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs and Pulled Pork are drenched in tasty Budweiser® sauce, and the Jalapeño Cheddar Brat and Beer Brats are made with Budweiser® American lager. FOOD Delivering Trust Across Multiple Brands & Proteins Through our PERDUE® , COLEMAN NATURAL® and COLEMAN ORGANIC® , NIMAN RANCH® and local brands, we’re bringing innovation to market while raising animals to higher standards. That’s made us a leader in all-vegetarian-fed, no-antibiotics-ever chicken, turkey, pork, beef and lamb, and USDA certified organic chicken. We also have a full range of foodservice products, from conventional to organic, and Perdue International reaches customers around the globe. Keeping the No-Antibiotics-Ever Promise When it comes to antibiotics, we continue to say no, providing a full roster of raised-without-antibiotics brands, including PERDUE® , COLEMAN NATURAL®* and NIMAN RANCH® . (Of course, our organic products are no-antibiotics-ever.) Our 2016 announcement that we converted all of our chicken production to a no-antibiotics-ever program remains the tipping point that moved no-antibiotics-ever into the mainstream. Local Means Local Words matter, especially when it’s a promise on a package. When we acquired Draper Valley Farms in Washington State and Petaluma Poultry in California, their operations became part of Perdue, but their brands remained strictly local. Petaluma Poultry’s ROCKY the Free Range Chicken® and ROSIE The Original Organic Chicken® are locally raised in and around Sonoma County. Draper Valley Farms’ ROXY™ the Organic Chicken, RANGER® the Free Range chicken and DRAPER VALLEY FARMS chicken are all raised in the Pacific Northwest. Growing Organic, the Right Way To us, organic is more than a product claim, it’s a commitment to how we raise and produce food. Our organic certification covers not only the end product, but every step in the process — including free-range farms with large pastures — all the way to market. Through Perdue AgriBusiness, we have direct access to organic grains and soy. We verify integrity – from the organic farm raising the grain, to the feed, on to the farm raising the chickens. This includes third-party testing at origination and destination, and documentation requirements that exceed those of the USDA. *Minimally Processed. No Artificial Ingredients.