12 A Dedication to Health & Nutrition We have options for a variety of consumer and customer needs, from products made with simple ingredients, such as our PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® line, to gluten-free products that meet the standards of the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. We continue to make our PERDUE® branded products even healthier: • Our low-fat refrigerated products have less fat than comparable breaded, fried boneless chicken products, according to USDA data • Our whole grain breaded line meets USDA Dietary Guidelines for whole grains • We have retail and foodservice products which carry a “Child Nutrition” label, which indicates its contribution toward the USDA’s daily Child Nutrition Meal Pattern Requirements • We use only white-meat chicken and no fillers • We continue to strive to lower sodium levels and to meet consumer taste preferences and functional processing requirements Our COLEMAN NATURAL® and COLEMAN ORGANIC® processed products, including sausages and bacon, contain no added nitrites, nitrates or artificial preservatives. Most of our PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® foodservice items contain no artificial additives, nitrates or nitrites. FOOD