21 Our renewable energy efforts include: • Two solar panel installations that reduce carbon emissions by 3,000 tons per year • A biomass boiler that burns soybean stalks, pods and woodchips, providing steam for soybean processing while generating electricity back to the grid, reducing CO2 output by 18,000 tons each year • An innovative system that captures methane from a wastewater pond to fuel a generator and uses heat from the generator to provide hot water, cutting CO2 output by 52,000 tons annually Water reuse: • Downstream reuse in our harvest plants recycles water for non-food-contact use and reduces the volume going to wastewater treatment • Recirculating cooling towers in Perdue AgriBusiness significantly reduce the amount of water used for soy processing Conserving & Recycling Helping Beautify Our Communities Through Project Clean Stream, a company-wide effort launched in 2008 to help protect and enhance the environment in our communities, Perdue associates have removed more than 80 tons of trash and debris from local ponds, streams, roadways and parks. Community Outreach ENVIRONMENT Perdue continues to help restore the Chesapeake Bay’s fragile oyster population. Since the program began in 2011, associates joined the Oyster Recovery Partnership in Maryland to fill more than 7,200 shell bags and provide a home for more than 7 million new oysters in the Bay. The partnership has planted over 8 billion new oysters since its founding in 1994.