23 Our Third Animal Care Summit: Strengthening Bonds with Diverse Stakeholders Farming Research to Improve Poultry Welfare Our Third Animal Care Summit coincided with the release of our 2018 Perdue Commitments to Animal Care update report. We reported on our continued progress, including: • Committing to adding windows to 100 percent of chicken houses, after our research confirmed the benefits from natural light • Identifying alternative breeds that meet the demand from customers who want higher welfare chickens • Recommitting to better relationships with the farmers who raise our chickens, including incentives that reward welfare outcomes in addition to productivity • Moving to higher welfare controlled atmosphere stunning • Increasing transparency by publishing audit results and reporting on animal care incidents A s another step on our journey to change how we raise chickens, our third Animal Care Summit brought together animal care experts, representatives of animal welfare advocacy groups, animal care researchers, customers and farmers. Over two days, we shared our progress and goals and received feedback on how we can continue our leadership in enhancing animal welfare standards. At our Research Farm, we’re learning about different chicken breeds and studying the effects of brighter light, more space, outdoor access and enrichments – all part of our continuous improvement in poultry care. Building Trust Through Transparency: Progress & Goals Randy Mitchell, Vice President of Technical Services In our second appearance in the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare, we were among the top 17 companies in the world and the top two in the U.S. Even with tightening standards, we remained at Tier Two ranking. Our continued efforts to change how we raise chickens, Niman Ranch animal protocols and the Coleman Natural move to 100 percent crate-free pork production all contributed to our score. Holding a High Ranking in the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare ANIMAL CARE