24 Keeping the promises made in our Perdue Commitments to Animal Care, we followed up the move to controlled atmosphere stunning at our Milford, Del., harvest plant with a $20-million capital investment to further improve live bird handling, beginning at the farm. Newly designed transport modules and dedicated truck trailers reduce stress and the risk of injury while improving bird comfort from the farm to the harvest plant. At the plant, trailers are moved to an enclosed, temperature-controlled room. Transport modules are then transferred to the controlled atmosphere stunning system, eliminating the dumping of live birds onto the conveyor belt, while the controlled atmosphere stunning system renders the birds irreversibly unconscious before they are transferred to the processing line. Continuing to bring higher welfare levels to live bird handling Dedicated covered truck trailers help reduce stress and risk of injury and improve bird comfort enroute to the harvest plant. As part of our journey of continuous improvement in animal care, we engaged our farmers to create better poultry house enrichments that allow chickens to do what they do naturally — act like chickens. In fact, we launched a “New Chicken Enrichment Contest” to engage farmers and their families to submit ideas. Who better to create a better enrichment than those who spend the most time with our birds and probably best understand their behaviors than the farmers who care for them daily. Engaging Our Farmers to Create a Better Enrichment ANIMAL CARE