4 2018 Highlights: As we look back at 2018, it was a year of advancement in making organic chicken more accessible, building momentum in our industry-leading animal care commitments, and making progress in the key areas of environment, diversity and inclusion, communities and people, reinforcing our stewardship platform: “We believe in responsible food and agriculture® .” Executive Summary ANIMAL CARE: We believe in responsibly raising animals for food. • Hosted our third annual Animal Care Summit, reporting our progress toward goals outlined in 2017 and committing to next steps • Committed to research different chicken breeds as part of our continuous improvement in poultry care. • Continued to bring high welfare levels to live bird handling, beginning at the farm • Worked with our farmers to create better poultry house enrichments • Achieved Tier Two ranking—the second best—in the global 2018 Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare for the second straight year ENVIRONMENT: We believe in being responsible stewards of our natural resources. • Made progress on our five-year goals for reduction in greenhouse gas, water use and solid waste • Processed soybeans with renewable energy and recycled water at our Pennsylvania commercial crushing plant FOOD: We believe in responsibly producing safe, high-quality, trusted and affordable food. • Grew our leadership in organic chicken with the introduction of the PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® Organics chicken line • Continued to introduce new products that meet demand for both convenience and sustainability