55 Feeding Animal Agriculture Perdue AgriBusiness is expanding our ability to supply internal and external customers with conventional and organic feed ingredients. By focusing on digestive health, amino acids and fatty acids, Perdue’s Animal Nutrition Group is developing science-based products and services for the poultry and dairy industry. These products and services enhance nutrient utilization, supporting animal health and producer profitability. Milking Greater Yields Our science-based dairy amino acid supplements optimize milk yields and milk components, improving the bottom line for dairy farmers. Farmers Grow It & We Buy It From the changeable weather to the volatile commodity markets and the ripple effects of global trade policies, farmers face uncertainty from the time they have faith to put seed in ground. One certainty is the Perdue AgriBusiness “you grow it, we’ll buy it” promise to local farmers. Our focus on local origination ensures farmers they’ll have a competitive local market for the row crops they choose to produce. We’ll never turn farmers away. Perdue AgriBusiness We’re developing science-based, research-driven products and services that maximize nutrient utilization for all stages of the animal’s life cycle. PEOPLE & PARTNERS: OUR AGRICULTURAL CUSTOMERS/GRAIN FARMERS