56 Supporting Farmers Supports Our Business Since the construction of our first grain receiving facility in Salisbury, Md., in 1960, Perdue AgriBusiness has been focused on bringing value to the farmer – recognizing that viable crop farms are the foundation of our supply chain. While our business has grown significantly in size and scope, we remain focused on helping farmers optimize the profitability of their operations. Reaching Around the Globe, Around the Year With a local presence in South America through our merchandising office in São Paulo, Brazil, Perdue AgriBusiness has developed the relationships and resources to originate millions of bushels of ag commodities for export. Coupled with the Perdue AgriBusiness deep-water port in Chesapeake, Va., this enables Perdue AgriBusiness to access harvests in the northern and southern hemispheres and be a year-round supplier to our customers. Perdue AgriBusiness exports grains, soybeans, soymeal and soy oil by vessel and containers, and our Chesapeake facility is connected to the eastern U.S. through grain receiving and handling network by barge, rail and truck. Boosting farm revenue through specialty crops and seeds By creating and supporting markets for specialty crops, such as high-erucic acid rapeseed and DuPont® Pioneer® Plenish® high oleic acid soybeans, along with organic grains and cover crops such as winter wheat, we continued to provide opportunities for farmers to diversify their operations and potentially increase revenue per acre. Connecting local farm fields to global markets Our network of elevators and rail, truck and marine transportation provides Mid-Atlantic farmers with access to domestic as well as international markets, increasing demand for their crops. PEOPLE & PARTNERS: OUR AGRICULTURAL CUSTOMERS/GRAIN FARMERS