61 Ryan Perdue, Jim Perdue and Chris Perdue In 2018, the PERDUE® brand continued to leverage the third and fourth generation of family advertising spokespersons in national TV ads to promote USDA-certified organic chicken and the convenience consumers desire. Chris Perdue and Ryan Perdue, part of the fourth generation of Perdue family working in the business, joined their father, chairman and long-time advertising spokesperson Jim Perdue, in two new commercials featuring PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® organic chicken and PERDUE® FRESH CUTS® pre-cut boneless, skinless chicken breasts. “Family has always been an important part of the Perdue story,” said Jim Perdue. “Our advertising featuring Perdue family brand spokespersons is but one small part of our story. Today, there are four fourth-generation family members working in the company, and they continue to carry our values forward as we prepare to enter our second century in 2020.” New Advertising Helps Promote Organic Chicken & Convenience PEOPLE & PARTNERS: OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS & COMPANY