64 Strong Values Guide Us Through Tough Times As with everyone else in the protein business, Perdue Foods is responding to an unprecedented glut of meat, including the lowest chicken markets in recent history. While weak commodity markets kept animal feed prices low, those same markets presented challenges for Perdue AgriBusiness. These same challenges continue. Our company remains strong, with diverse businesses, strong brands, and, most importantly, the commitment of our family ownership. The Perdue family’s dedication putting trust foremost requires us to gauge all of our actions against our Values – Quality, Integrity, Stewardship and Teamwork. Our Value of Stewardship requires us to respond to challenging time, but we are doing so and staying true to all of our Values. The Family Story Continues Perdue Farms has remained family-owned for 99 years, and the Perdue family is committed to continuing that legacy into our next century. Two generations work in the company and the family is committed to keeping Perdue Farms a family-owned, values-driven business. Chairman Jim Perdue is the third generation to lead our company. In addition, four members of the next generation of Perdues are currently working in the business. PEOPLE & PARTNERS: OUR BUSINESS PARTNERS & COMPANY