Perdue Farms Statement on Organic Certification

November 14, 2018

As a leader in organic chicken, our organic chicken products go beyond minimum label requirements in an effort to meet consumer expectations for environmental sustainability and higher levels of animal care.

Our organic certification process covers not only the end product, but every step of the process and supply chain, all the way to market. That includes organic, non-GMO grains for feed, certified organic farms that raise our chickens and certified organic harvest and processing operations, all complying with the USDA’s National Organic Program and Organic Standards Board.

All the farms raising our organic chickens are audited annually by third-party organic certifiers, including Oregon Tilth and Quality Assurance International. Both are pioneers in the organic movement and leading advocates for certified organic production, defining organic as an approach to agriculture that fosters the cycling resources, promotes ecological balance and supports higher levels of animal care. In addition, all farms raising our organic chickens must also meet requirements for GAP certification.

Our free-range pasture areas are typically as large as the poultry house. Doors with sunshades placed every 50 feet, and outdoor enrichments, encourage poultry to venture outside once they are fully feathered and when weather conditions are appropriate.

Through Perdue AgriBusiness, we directly source and identity-preserve organic grains and soy for feed, with documentation that exceeds USDA requirements.

We continue to support strict standards for organic certification – including animal standards – in an effort to meet consumer expectations and provide meaningful differentiation for our organic chicken products.

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