Perdue Farms Statement on Organic Feed Ingredients, including Grain and Soy

November 14, 2018

We understand that the integrity of the organic supply chain is of the utmost importance to the organic consumer, and that includes the grains that go into the feeds for our organic chickens.

Because the demand for organic grain in the U.S. far outstrips the current domestic supply, and because of the transportation costs and challenges in moving grain from Midwestern states to our organic poultry operations in Atlantic and Pacific coastal states, we cannot rely exclusively on domestically-grown corn and soybeans. 

We have our own grain business, Perdue AgriBusiness, which sources, handles and stores our organic grain and soy. This gives us access to organic grain farmers and trusted traders in the United States, Europe, South America and Asia. This also gives us the scale to source and handle organic feed ingredients – the single highest cost in producing organic chicken – more efficiently, while maintaining the identify preservation of organic grain and soy.

Perdue AgriBusiness assures that each overseas supplier has the proper affidavits for organic production and employs third-party surveyors and laboratories to help ensure the integrity of each shipment. We verify integrity throughout the entire chain of custody, including third-party testing at origination and destination, and documentation requirements that exceed those of the USDA.

As added assurance, all our USDA certified organic chicken also meets the requirements for Non-GMO Project Verification.


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