Animal Care

Highlights Report 2018

Perdue Commitments to Animal Care:

A Journey of Continuous Improvement

The Perdue Commitments to Animal Care is a four-part program to accelerate our progress in animal care by giving our chickens what they need and want, strengthening farmer relationships, building trust with multiple stakeholder groups and creating an animal care culture for continuous improvement. Each year, we report on our progress and the initiatives we are undertaking under each of these four steps.


Part 1:
Our Chickens' Needs and Wants

Our Progress

Part 2:
Our Farmer

Our Progress

Part 3:
Openness, Transparency and Trust

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Part 4:
A Journey of Continuous Improvement

Our Progress

Our Commitments to Animal Care Program

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We're Advancing Beyond the Status Quo

Jim Perdue

Our Key Steps Forward from 2017

We installed a controlled-atmosphere stunning system at our Milford, Del., chicken harvest plant.

We continued to increase the number of chicken houses with windows and learned that natural light is important to how chickens rest.

We were the only major poultry company actively studying alternative breeds, both to meet growing customer demand for higher-welfare chickens and to identify the traits that contribute to healthier chickens.

We launched a dedicated website to improve communication with the farmers who raise our chickens.

We implemented video monitoring in our harvest plants and piloted it in the catching process.

We held our second Animal Care Summitbringing together animal care experts and advocates, customers, farmers and our leadershipin July 2017, and our third will be held in July 2018.

Sharing Our 2017 Audit Results

An Evolving Baseline Standard for How We Raise Chickens

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