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Treating animals with respect means going beyond the minimum to keep animals healthy and to produce safe food. We view animal care as a journey of continuous improvement, evolving with advancements in animal husbandry and behavior, consumer questions and public concerns. This responsibility stretches across all of our raising programs and is shared by the farm families we trust to raise animals for us.


Our programs are designed so that we can raise animals in a reduced-stress environment where we don’t need to rely on human or animal antibiotics to keep them healthy, and we never use drugs for growth promotion or artificial growth promoters.


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of chickens raised under no-antibiotics-ever protocols

of hogs raised under no-antibiotics-ever protocols

Process Verified Programs for all poultry operations

of hog production third-party verified

of animals raised under documented responsible care protocols

of farmers and associates handling live animals receive welfare training

gestation or farrowing crates for hogs

hotline to report welfare violations

average space increase for chickens (2017 vs. 2016)

growth-promoting drugs

Placing Among the Top 15% in the Global Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare

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The Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare recognized that we’ve made animal care integral to our business strategies.

In our first appearance in the global Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW), Perdue Farms achieved the second best of six levels. That level recognized companies that made animal welfare integral to their business strategies and placed Perdue Farms among the top 15% of more than 100 global food companies. Perdue was one of only three U.S. poultry or meat companies to achieve Tier Two or better. The ranking covers our welfare practices and policies for chickens, turkeys and hogs across all our brands, including PERDUE®, PERDUE® HARVESTLAND®, COLEMAN ORGANIC®, COLEMAN NATURAL®, NIMAN RANCH®, and local brands through Petaluma Poultry and Draper Valley Farms.


The BBFAW 2017 report, released February 22, 2018, assessed 110 global food companies on their quality of management and disclosure of farm animal welfare. The Business Benchmark was established in 2012 and is considered the first global measure of company performance on animal welfare. BBFAW reserves the top two tiers for companies that demonstrate strong commitments to farm animal welfare and have established management systems and processes.

Following Our Groundbreaking "Perdue Commitments to Animal Care" with a Summit, Progress Report and New Goals

In the summer of 2017, we followed our groundbreaking 2016 "Perdue Commitments to Animal Care" with further advancements in how we raise chickens and a promise to meet growing customer and consumer demand for poultry raised to higher welfare standards.


UPDATE July 2018: We released our Perdue Commitments to Animal Care 2018 Progress Report, in conjunction with our 2018 Animal Care Summit.


Reporting on Our Progress

As part of our second Animal Care Summit—a gathering of animal care experts, advocates, researchers and farmers—we released the company’s first annual report on progress since our comprehensive 2016 commitment to accelerate advancements in poultry care.

Ensuring Responsible Care and Treatment


Mistreatment or abuse of animals is never tolerated. All associates handling live animals are provided training, including their responsibility to report any violations of our animal welfare policies. The farmers who raise animals for us share equal responsibility to provide care according to our best practices and standards and to alert us about any issues involving animal health or welfare.


Openness & Transparency

As part of our pledge "to be transparent in our programs, goal and progresses," we committed to share key animal care metrics, openly criticize ourselves when appropriate, and honestly and respectfully answer those who constructively criticize us.


2017 Audit Results

Poultry Care Incident Report

Moving to Controlled-Atmosphere Stunning for Chickens

Varying mixtures of carbon dioxide and oxygen calm, then sedate the chickens, before the final stage brings about an irreversible loss of consciousness.

In keeping with the commitment we made in 2016, our first controlled-atmosphere stunning system for chickens was installed at our Milford, Del., harvest plant in late 2016. Unlike conventional systems, in which conscious chickens are shackled by their feet before being stunned with an electrical shock, our controlled-atmosphere system renders the birds insensitive to pain before the shackling process. 

Completing Coleman Natural’s Move to Crate-Free Pork Production and Achievement of American Humane Association Certification

We’re promoting a higher quality of life for more than 300,000 pigs and 15,000 sows raised for Coleman Natural each year.

Our Coleman Natural pork operations completed the move away from gestation and farrowing crates.


Crate-free production is part of the elevated animal care standards that made Coleman Natural only the fourth pork producer in the U.S. to achieve American Humane Association certification, and it elevates Coleman Natural’s practices above what is typical for pork production in the U.S. That includes enabling pigs to express their normal social behaviors and engage their curiosity through enriched housing.


In addition to the crate-free designation, the American Humane Association certification provides the further assurance of third-party auditing of every phase of Coleman’s pork production, including raising, transporting and harvesting. By incorporating welfare goals outlined in the globally recognized Five Freedoms, American Humane Association certification elevates Coleman’s practices above what is typical for pork production in the United States.

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Company Stewardship Report

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