Better, Not Just Bigger

At Perdue, we want to be better, not just bigger. Within that statement is the admission that we are big and that we plan to grow. Our vision is “to be the most-trusted name in food and agricultural products.” Between these two statements is the question: “Can a big company be trusted?”


As big companies go, we’re on the small side. For example, we produce about 7% of the chicken in the U.S. But with more than 20,000 associates, distribution across the U.S. and a presence in countries around the globe, we cannot pretend to be small.


Our company is the natural outgrowth of the advancements in agriculture and food production that enable 2% of the population (America’s farmers) to feed the other 98% of us, and for 98% of us to live and work off the farm. That said, the essence of our company remains the thousands of farm families who grow and care for our animals and who produce the grains for feed.


Leading by Listening

We can let our scale be a mass that resists change. Or we can lead by listening and let our scale add momentum to positive change. We saw that with our leadership in moving away from antibiotics. Our Commitments to Animal Care has accelerated a movement in animal agriculture to better provide for the welfare of the animals in our care.


Our size also gives us the scale to make options—including organic—more accessible and affordable. There is no one right way to raise and produce food. We want to empower consumers, customers and farmers with trusted choices.


We hope those moves increase trust in our company and our brands. At the same time, we know trust is maintained through the way we run our business each and every day.


"Big food." "Big ag." "Big chicken." We hear the criticism. But we also hear within the criticism a call for accountability, change and transparency. This report is part of our response.


Randy Day


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