Defining Sustainability by Listening to Stakeholders

As we head toward our second century, our company continues to be guided by our values, by listening to stakeholders and by a desire to learn. Over the past few years, listening, learning and a willingness to change have taken us down a path that remains aligned with our values but diverges from many of our peers. That includes taking leadership positions in reducing antibiotic use and improving animal care.


As such, our approach to sustainability is changing. Sustainability, for us, is more than efficiency, and its measure goes beyond producing more with less. Our sustainable business model is one that makes choices affordable. We strive to align our practices with the values of our stakeholders and, in doing so, act with responsibility. That is the foundation of our corporate stewardship platform: “We believe in responsible food and agriculture.®


Of course, the basics of stewardship are no less important. We need to reduce our environmental footprint. We need to provide a safe, productive and rewarding workplace with fair wages. We need to support our communities. We need to provide innovative, relevant products and services. And, of course, we need to generate the profits to remain a viable, competitive business.


But we are going to do those things while raising animals without relying on antibiotics, while elevating animal care, while strengthening relationships with farm families and while continuing to listen to all our stakeholders.


With our stakeholders, we are defining our company’s corporate sustainability. This update to our Company Stewardship Report highlights our progress toward that shared definition.


Jim Perdue


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