Environmental Stewardship

Committed to our Natural Resources

We Believe in Being Responsible Stewards of our Natural Resources

Challenging Ourselves with Aggressive Environmental Sustainability Goals

Reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), Water Use and Solid Waste

Going forward, we are elevating efforts with aggressive five-year goals for reductions in greenhouse gases, water use and solid waste. By 2022, we pledge to:

Reduce our Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gases by

Reduce our potable water use by

Achieve zero-solid-waste certification for at least five of our facilities and divert our solid waste from landfills by more than

We will report annually on our progress toward these goals.


Our long-standing environmental sustainability efforts have included goals for reducing our environmental footprint. Compared with our 2015 baseline, we have:

Reduced greenhouse gases by

Increased water use of product by

Increased fossil fuel use by

Reduced electricity use by

Improved percentage of waste diverted from landfills from 70% to

In 2018, we will focus on regaining our progress in reducing water and fossil fuel use to achieve our 2022 goals.


Processing Soybeans with Renewable Energy

Compared with current practices, Perdue’s new soybean plant is bringing a 72% net decrease in total emissions.


In building Pennsylvania’s first large-scale, commercial soybean crushing plant in Bainbridge, Pa., Perdue AgriBusiness tapped into existing waste-to-energy to bring a 72% net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over current operations.


Perdue formed a unique partnership with the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA), which allows the Bainbridge plant to have a smaller environmental footprint than the typical soybean processing plant. It also ensures a reliable, long-term revenue source for the authority’s steam. Perdue will use steam from LCSWMA’s Lancaster Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Facility to heat the grain dryers.

Recycling Nutrients, Protecting the Chesapeake Bay and Supporting Soil Health

For 17 years, Perdue has been the only poultry company on Delmarva recycling poultry litter, protecting the Chesapeake Bay and inland coastal bay watersheds. In 2017, we switched from an energy-intensive drying-and-pelleting process to composting. This reduced the environmental footprint of our Perdue AgriRecycle operations, while expanding our capacity, and added the ability to handle a wider range of nutrient-rich by-products of poultry production and processing.


In 2017, we ramped up the composting program—a $12.5 million capital investment—and also introduced an Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) organic certified product.


  • 2.8 billion pounds of litter handled since 2001
  • $80 million spent on litter and nutrient recycling
  • 31 million pounds of nitrogen and 22 million pounds of phosphorus relocated outside the Chesapeake Bay watershed



Perdue AgriRecycle composts poultry litter and other by-products of poultry production and processing into soil amendments, and Perdue Ag Services provides agronomy support to grain farmers. The combination adds up to healthier soils.

A Focus on Healthy Soil

Perdue Ag Services is marketing a range of soil amendments that our composting operation produced for agricultural and landscaping uses and for repackaging into consumer lawn-and-garden products. The all-natural and organic products improve soil quality, supporting healthy biological activity, increasing water retention and reducing runoff.


Perdue Ag Services also provides agronomy services to farmers, including cover crops, helping them increase the financial and environmental sustainability of their fields.

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Conserving & Recycling

Conserving & Recycling

We believe in being responsible with our natural resources.

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