Conserving & Recycling

We Believe in Being Responsible Stewards of Our Natural Resources

Each of our major operations has an Environmental Scorecard to measure compliance, sustainability efforts and associate involvement. The scorecard drives continuous improvement, with facility and company goals for water reduction, recycling, energy conservation and CO2 emissions.

renewable energy

Our renewable energy efforts include:

  • Two solar panel installations that reduce carbon emissions by 3,000 tons per year
  • A biomass boiler that burns soybean sticks, pods and woodchips, providing steam for soybean processing while generating electricity back to the grid, reducing CO2 output by 18,000 tons each year
  • An innovative system that captures methane from a wastewater pond to fuel a generator and uses heat from the generator to provide hot water, cutting CO2 output by 52,000 tons annually
  • Water reuse:
    • Downstream reuse in our harvest plants recycles water for non-food-contact use and reduces the volume going to wastewater treatment
    • Recirculating cooling towers in Perdue AgriBusiness significantly reduce the amount of water used for soy processing

Platinum LEEDership

The 2012 remodel of our corporate office in Salisbury, Md., received the Green Building Council’s highest certification: LEED Platinum.

Truck Driver

Keep on truckin’—but greener

We partnered with our transportation equipment suppliers to develop high-efficiency and ultra-light tractor-trailer equipment to achieve new highs in fuel efficiency and payload. This even got us an award from Navstar for collaborating on standards it used while developing a new generation of trucks. The new configuration was the equivalent of taking out one of every eight of our trucks off the road.


Smart stopping and starting

Food processing uses a lot of water—especially for food safety and sanitation—and energy. By sequencing start-up and shutdown of our processing lines, we make sure we’re using water and energy only when needed. This includes little things—such as wash hoses for sanitation—and big things, such as making ice or running industrial boilers.

Switching to greener technologies

  • We switched boilers from oil to more efficient, cleaner-burning natural gas
  • Fluorescent and LED lights in plants use less electricity, and by redesigning placement, we’re using fewer lights
  • When deciding whether to repair or replace equipment, we often opt for the latter if newer technology uses less energy
  • Managing peak demands reduces our overall electricity use and eases pressure on the grid

Corporate Stewardship Report

Company Stewardship Report

Learn about the steps we're taking to reach our goal of becoming the most trusted name in food and agricultural products.

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