Health & Nutrition

A Dedication to Health and Nutrition

We have options for a variety of consumer and customer needs, from products made with simple ingredients, such as our PERDUE® SIMPLY SMART® line, to gluten-free products that meet the high standards of the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.

We continue to make our PERDUE® branded products even healthier:

  • Our low-fat refrigerated products have less fat than comparable breaded, fried, boneless chicken products, according to USDA data
  • Our whole grain breaded line meets USDA Dietary Guidelines for whole grains
  • We have retail and foodservice products labeled “child nutrition,” which contribute toward fulfilling the USDA’s daily child nutrition meat pattern requirements
  • We use only white-meat chicken and no fillers
  • We continue to strive to lower sodium levels and to meet consumer taste preferences and functional processing requirements
  • Our COLEMAN NATURAL® and COLEMAN ORGANIC® processed products, including sausages and bacon, contain no nitrites, nitrates or artificial preservatives
  • Most of our PERDUE® HARVESTLAND® foodservice items contain no artificial additives, nitrates or nitrites


We believe consumers should be able to trust product labels to provide clear, truthful information and that marketing claims should answer their questions, not confuse them.

  • We believe “No Antibiotics Ever” is the only claim that provides consumers the transparency and assurance that products are from animals raised with no antibiotics of any kind
  • Our organic products meet the standards of the USDA organic program and carry the USDA Certified Organic seal, and as added assurance, all of our organic chickens are raised on Global Animal Partnership-certified farms
  • For consumers who want products from a non-GMO supply chain, we offer Non-GMO Project Verification, which includes all of our organic products
  • We have USDA Process Verified Programs for all-vegetarian diet with no animal by-products, raised in the USA, no antibiotics ever and animal care

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