We're Committed to Quality

"Our commitment is to be increasingly superior...we shall not be content to be of equal quality to our competitors."—A quote from our company's Quality Policy, penned under Frank Perdue’s direction and still shared with every team member to this day.

Quality is a commitment we live up to with annual goals, audits and measurements at every step in the supply chain. Our quality improvement process engages all associates in problem solving, because we believe in making things better together.

At our Perdue Foods Innovation Center, we check our products against the competition. We share the results of our consumer hotline calls and consumer and customer concerns with operations and management, including Chairman Jim Perdue, to zero in on any issues.

The same commitment to quality extends to our agricultural products.

Corporate Stewardship Report

Company Stewardship Report

Learn about the steps we're taking to reach our goal of becoming the most-trusted name in food and agricultural products.

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