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The diversification of Perdue Foods and Perdue AgriBusiness is providing greater opportunities for farmers to increase their revenue.

  • Investments in our Milford, Del., processing plant made it the largest USDA certified organic poultry plant in the U.S., and we’re now contracting with farmers in Maryland and Delaware to grow certified organic chicken. Perdue AgriBusiness is contracting for local organic grain to support our organic poultry business and helping grain producers make the transition from conventional to organic.
  • The second annual Perdue AgriBusiness Organic Field Day, held in 2016, brought together organic producers, vendors and certifiers, along with representatives of the Organic Trade Association, National Organic Program, USDA Sustainability Office and Natural Resources Conservation Service.
  • Through our partnership with DuPont Pioneer, we announced plans to more than double acreage of Pioneer® brand Plenish® high-oleic soybeans in Maryland, Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey for 2017. Plenish high-oleic soybean oil provides a sustainable, U.S.-grown, soy-based, trans fat alternative for food companies and foodservice operators. Farmers receive a premium for growing and storing the Plenish beans.
  • We’re also expanding contracted production of high-erucic acid rapeseed, a specialty seed that yields an oil used in food processing, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Planted as cover crop, the rapeseed reduces runoff from farm fields and generates additional income for farmers.
  • In 2015, Perdue AgriBusiness purchased Technology Crops International’s U.S. specialty crops business. The acquisition builds upon an existing partnership between Perdue AgriBusiness and TCI in seed procurement, contracting, and commercialization of new and high-value specialty oilseed serving the nutritional, oleochemical and personal care industries.
A uniquely trusted name

A Uniquely Trusted Name

  • The Perdue name has a unique level of trust with grain farmers and our agricultural customers. We never forget that our company started as a family farm, our initial growth was from serving farmers and we remain dependent upon farmers today.
  • In a recent survey, more than 90% of grain farmers interviewed said they were interested in continuing to do business with Perdue AgriBusiness.
  • In 2013, Perdue AgriBusiness was recognized as Virginia Agribusiness of the Year.
  • That same year, Pennsylvania Certified Organic named Perdue AgriBusiness as its Outstanding New Organic Producer.
Focusing on the farm

Focusing on the Farmer

Since the construction of the first grain-receiving facility in Salisbury, Md., in 1960, Perdue AgriBusiness has been focused on bringing value to the farm gate—recognizing that viable crop farms are essential to our company’s supply chain. While our business has grown significantly in size and scope, we remain focused on helping farmers increase the profitability of their operations.

  • Our “you grow it, we’ll buy it” promise to local farmers ensures that they’ll have a competitive local market for whatever crops they choose to produce. We’ll never turn farmers away. We’ve continuously increased our grain-handling capacity and have expanded our network of elevators in the Mid-Atlantic.
    • When hurricanes, including Matthew in 2016 and Isabel in 2003, threatened standing corn, we kept local elevators open 24 hours per day so farmers didn’t have to fear losing their corn crops to the storm.
    • In 2011, when the bankruptcy of a biofuel refinery left Virginia farmers without a market for thousands of acres of barley, Perdue AgriBusiness set up a temporary receiving facility and purchased the barley at full market price. This saved farmers from financial loss.
  • Our network of elevators and rail, truck and marine transportation provides Mid-Atlantic farmers with access to domestic and international markets.
  • Agronomy services, farm inputs, merchandising programs, risk management and Selective Hedge® support farmers at every step.
  • By creating and supporting markets for specialty crops, organic grains and cover crops, such as winter wheat, we’re providing opportunities for farmers to diversify their operations and increase revenue per acre.

Milking Greater Dairy Yields

Our science-based dairy amino acid supplements optimize milk yields and milk components, improving the bottom line for dairy farmers while reducing the environmental impact of their herds.

rapseed farmers

A Refined Approach to Oilseeds

We have more than 50 years of experience in oilseed processing and a supply chain that includes contracting with farmers, crushing, refining, and transporting by rail and truck. This gives us the flexibility to provide such products as high oleic soybean oil for zero trans fat applications and high-erucic acid rapeseed oil for food processing and pharmaceutical and cosmetic uses.

Reaching around the globe

Reaching around the globe

The USDA has certified us as a direct exporter of agricultural commodities. Our deep-water port in Chesapeake, Va., loads an average of 120 vessels per year bound for Europe, the Mediterranean, sub-Saharan Africa, southeast Asia, China, the Caribbean and South America. We also load more than 16,000 containers.

Perdue AgriBusiness Operations


Grain and Oilseed, Feed and Seed Operations

We operate grain storage in excess of 75 million bushels at 75 locations. We have four oilseed crush plants, with a fifth under construction in Pennsylvania.

Each year, we handle more than 300 million bushels.

To transport that grain, we operate a dedicated fleet of more than 1,500 railcars and work with more than 475 independent trucking companies and five barge companies. We manage a fleet of 14 barges serving our nine marine facilities in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.

We have transload operations handling animal feed commodities and our own blending facilities.

We have our own seed processing operation in Delaware to support sales of DuPont® Plenish® soybeans.

International operations

International Operations

In 2016, we opened a trading office in Brazil, with export capacity at an international port. Access to North American and South American harvests increased our ability to serve domestic and international customers year-round, while strengthening our grain sourcing to support Perdue Foods’ animal production.


Fertilizer and Soil Amendments

Perdue AgriRecyle composts nutrient-rich by-products of poultry production and processing, including poultry litter; treated biosolids from our wastewater; and other organic material, such as soybean stems, into high-quality soil amendments.

Corporate Stewardship Report

Company Stewardship Report

Learn about the steps we're taking to reach our goal of becoming the most trusted name in food and agricultural products.

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