01. How are your chickens raised?

The family farmers who raise our chickens ensure their health and comfort, and we’re working together to continuously improve our animal care. We use temperature controlled, cage-free housing with fresh air ventilation. The flocks have constant access to food and water, periods of light and dark and room to move about freely. Our flock advisors regularly check on the flocks and share information with our farmers, and we have veterinarians who specialize in poultry who watch over the health of our flock, providing any necessary treatment.

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02.How are Niman Ranch animals raised?

Treating livestock humanely is core to Niman Ranch. We are committed to raising all of our livestock to the highest animal welfare standards. Our livestock are always raised outdoors or in deeply bedded pens. One hundred percent of our farms are Certified Humane. We use no cages and no crates. We use no added hormones or antibiotics – EVER.

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03.How does Coleman Natural Foods raise its hogs?

On every one of the hog farms from which we source our hogs, our American family farmers are raising healthy sows and piglets without the use of crates. Our 100% crate-free environment is third-party verified by Validus, the same company that conducts the American Humane Association certification audits.

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04. How are Sonoma Red chickens raised?

Our organic and free-range chickens have access to an outdoor pasture area that is at least half the square-footage of the chicken house, and usually equal to the size of the house. The pasture typically runs down one side of the house. We provide access to the outdoors approximately every 40 feet, and have windows about every 50 feet along the length of the house. Shade awnings, access to water and roosts and other enrichments invite the birds to go outside. A combination of soil and grass areas let the birds exhibit natural behaviors, such as dust bathing and pecking.

Learn more about Petaluma Poultry’s farming practices.

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05. What constitutes a “natural” Draper Valley Farms chicken?

By law, any product can be called “natural” if it is minimally processed and has no artificial ingredients. At Draper Valley Farms, we define a “natural” chicken as one that was never administered antibiotics, fed a vegetarian diet free from animal by-products, raised in a reduced-stress environment, and treated with respect for its comfort, well-being and natural instincts. And, of course, we never use hormones or steroids; Federal law prohibits their use in poultry.

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06. Coronavirus-Related Questions and Answers

See here to learn more about Perdue Farms' response to the pandemic.

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