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Tips for preparing, cooking and serving premium proteins from Perdue Farms

Wondering how to defrost the products you ordered? Not sure how best to cook premium proteins in your shipment? Make the most of Perdue Farms chicken, turkey, beef, pork and lamb with cooking tips and tricks — plus delicious recipes — from our culinary team

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Chef Chris Moyer, CEC, CRC, and Chef Shawn Reese, CEC, CRC, bring decades of combined culinary experience to their roles at Perdue Farms. Day to day, the chefs contribute to recipe development, culinary ideation and all culinary aspects of the company business.

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Chicken from Perdue Farms' family of American farmers is raised to a higher standard: no antibiotics, hormones or steroids ever and plenty of access to sunlight and the great outdoors. We believe farming better translates to better-tasting meat. But don't take our word for it! Stock up on premium chicken bundles for delicious family meals — we deliver to your doorstep!