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A collection of chicken breasts, strips and nuggets and ground beef
Bulk Perdue Harvestland Organic Chicken Breasts
15 pounds of Organic Chicken Breast pre-portioned into 1-pound packages
A collection of the finest tasting chops, steaks, sausages and more sourced from Niman Ranch's family of farmers.
A party pack filled with crowd-favorite finger foods and sandwich fillers
Perdue Organic Chicken Collection
Our entire assortment of premium, certified organic chicken in one money-saving value pack
Over 27 pounds of premium protein: a whole bird, chicken breasts, wings, thighs and nuggets, ground beef and pork products
The Perdue Family's Signature Organic Bundle
A versatile collection of organic chicken products – over 67 servings for only $1.71 a serving!
Over 13 pounds of our premium protein – both chicken and beef cuts – hand-picked for the grill master
A collection of premium proteins that taste great when cooked over an open flame. Bundle includes over 43 servings for only $2.70 per serving!
A collection of party food favorites — over 48 servings for just over $2 a serving!