Food Gifts

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Bulk Perdue Harvestland Organic Drumsticks
A collection that includes 15 pounds of organic drumsticks
Bulk Perdue Harvestland Organic Chicken Breasts
15 pounds of Organic Chicken Breast pre-portioned into 1-pound packages
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Perdue Chicken Value Bundle
A collection that includes over 14 pounds of Perdue chicken products, from chicken tenderloins to Chicken Plus patties.
A collection of chicken breasts, strips and nuggets and ground beef
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Premium Steak, Sausage and Burgers Gift Bundle
A collection of premium proteins: 100% pure Angus steaks and burgers, gourmet sausage and bacon, pork chops and thin-sliced chicken breasts
One 3-lb. pre-seasoned turkey roast and one 1.25-lb. pre-cooked quarter ham
Approx. 10- to 16-lb. or 16- to 20-lb. whole frozen turkey
Approx. 8-lb. frozen spiral bone-in ham
Approx. 3-lb. pre-seasoned boneless, skin-on turkey breast roast
18 pounds of Perdue’s signature boneless, skinless chicken breasts — 72 total servings!
A collection of four 10-oz. flat iron steaks
A collection of eight 14-oz. Niman Ranch New York strip steaks