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What’s the difference between a sausage stuffing recipe and the best sausage stuffing recipe ever? Niman Ranch apple gouda sausage! This delicious dish will add a gourmet twist to Thanksgiving dinner or any formal meal – and the best thing is that it takes only 35 minutes to bake!

A quick and easy weeknight dinner, this pasta dish pairs some of our favorite flavors: the spicy goodness of bratwurst, hop bitterness and sweetness of amber ale and the rich and creamy decadence of Parmesan cheese. Peas lend a hint of color and also subtle crunch.

The secret to these succulent pork chops is in the garlic-infused marinade and vinegar and brown sugar dipping sauce, which takes minutes to make and can be stored for several months. Use sauce to top chicken, veggies or even a bowl of ice cream!

This recipe is easy to make ahead. Prep the pork and store in the refrigerator overnight. Bake the next day, boil the noodles and enjoy a one-plate dinner infused with lemon, herb and garlic flavors.

A comfort food favorite that never goes out of style! Here, a traditional rice and beans recipe is upgraded with Niman Ranch’s beer-infused cheddar bratwurst. This stick-to-your-ribs supper is just as good for Sunday dinner as it is any night of the week.

Have a ton of ham leftovers and not sure what to do with all that delicious smoked meat? Try a classic Cuban sandwich, which can be served for lunch or dinner. You'll love the crunch that the toasted bun provides and the medley of mayo and brown mustard.

Appliance used: Ninja® Foodi™ Smart XL Grill. Tip: The bacon helps to hold the filling inside the chicken as it bakes. To secure the bacon, use a few toothpicks and tuck the ends under the chicken. If you prefer a spicier chicken, include the jalapeño seeds in the cream cheese mixture.

Searching for Sunday dinner ideas? This pork roast recipe is easy to prepare and slow roasts in the oven with vegetables — the perfect one-pan meal. The roast is glazed in a mixture of apple cider, honey and Dijon mustard, fall flavors fit for a harvest feast!

This low-carb dinner idea comes together quickly and slow roasts in the oven, melding flavors and softening the cabbage. Drizzle Asian dipping sauce on rolls, hot out of the oven, or serve alongside.

Prefer slow cooking pork and sauerkraut in an instant pot? Or would you rather roast dinner in a big pot in the oven? Here, you'll find instructions that show you how to do it both ways. You choose the cooking method and make a satisfying fall meal to serve the family!

This rich and satisfying soup is certain to warm you up on chilly autumn and winter days. This homemade ham and bean soup recipe will make good use of leftover ham. Add in your favorite 10 bean soup pack, garlic and seasonings and let simmer while you prepare the rest of your meal.

A main course that's ideal for special occasions and holidays! Medallions can be prepared a day ahead and refrigerated until you're ready to make dinner. A delicious red wine sauce creates the perfect topping; serve with a garden salad and mashed potatoes.