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Wondering how to perfectly roast a whole chicken? This recipe walks you step by step through the process. Learn how to prep the chicken, roast veggies and even create a gravy you can serve alongside carved chicken. The quintessential Sunday dinner!

What’s the difference between a sausage stuffing recipe and the best sausage stuffing recipe ever? Niman Ranch apple gouda sausage! This delicious dish will add a gourmet twist to Thanksgiving dinner or any formal meal – and the best thing is that it takes only 35 minutes to bake!

A quick and easy weeknight dinner, this pasta dish pairs some of our favorite flavors: the spicy goodness of bratwurst, hop bitterness and sweetness of amber ale and the rich and creamy decadence of Parmesan cheese. Peas lend a hint of color and also subtle crunch.

Caesar dressing lends zest to this pasta salad recipe, which is topped with our tender and juicy chicken nuggets. Serve for lunch or a healthy, quick and easy dinner.

This flavor-infused chicken, marinated in a mixture of lemon, olive oil, garlic and herbs, is butterflied and grilled until crisp and juicy. Pair with a spinach salad and orzo for a nourishing meal.

Melted pepper jack cheese and a heaping spoonful of barbecue sauce are the perfect toppings for barbecue-seasoned popcorn chicken, which is served up in a warm, buttery bun. This appetizer recipe is perfect for football parties, birthday fetes and casual gatherings, large and small.

This simple one-skillet meal is full of flavor! With only five ingredients, it makes an easy weeknight dinner for the whole family (even the kids will love it). This recipe easily doubles or triples to suit your family and tastes just as good, if not better, as leftovers — perfect for throwing in the kids’ or your husband’s lunch box. Drumsticks are generally one of the cheaper cuts of meat, so this will make for a quick, easy and budget-friendly meal.

The flavor of bright lemon mixed with the tangy sweet kick of cranberries make this meal a win. With minimal prep and mess, this dinner is ready from fridge to table in just 50 minutes. This dish looks beautiful when served in the same pan, but you can also toss all the cranberries into a bowl or blender to make a side sauce. Squeeze the lemon into the cranberries, add a touch of sweetness with sugar or honey and in just a few minutes have yourself a cranberry dipping sauce for both the chicken and Brussels sprouts. Feel free to get fun with the veggies, too! Add any other greens or root veggies your family loves — especially if you are serving any picky eaters.

Appliance used: Ninja® Foodi® 2-Basket Air Fryer

The ooey, gooey goodness of a classic chicken parm sandwich in a bite size that's perfect for parties! Use your favorite buns and marinara sauce to build these sliders, then pop in the oven and let cheese melt before serving.

The secret to these succulent pork chops is in the garlic-infused marinade and vinegar and brown sugar dipping sauce, which takes minutes to make and can be stored for several months. Use sauce to top chicken, veggies or even a bowl of ice cream!

This recipe is easy to make ahead. Prep the pork and store in the refrigerator overnight. Bake the next day, boil the noodles and enjoy a one-plate dinner infused with lemon, herb and garlic flavors.