Whole Chicken

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Six whole birds (Over 25 pounds of chicken!) for under $1 per serving
Perdue Harvestland Organic Whole Chicken With Giblets and Necks
Approx. 3.9-4.6-lb. whole frozen bird
1.5-lb. or 1.8- to 2.3-lb. frozen Cornish hen
Approx. 3.9-4.6-lb. whole frozen bird
Perdue Organic Chicken Sampler
48 Servings of Perdue Harvestland Organic chicken: breasts, wings, thighs, and drumsticks.
A collection of four 1.6-lb. pasture raised half chickens
Perdue Organic Chicken Collection
Our entire assortment of premium, certified organic chicken in one money-saving value pack
The Perdue Family's Signature Organic Bundle
A versatile collection of organic chicken products – over 67 servings for only $1.71 a serving!
Perdue Organic Chicken Favorites
A bundle of USDA Certified Organic chicken products, from a whole bird to breasts and thighs
Approx. 1.3-lb or 1.9-lb. frozen pasture raised half chicken
A collection of six 29- to 37-oz. Cornish hens
A collection that includes a whole bird and various cuts – 20 pounds of no-antibiotics-ever chicken!