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8 Niman Ranch 100% Angus ground beef patties for less than $3.75 per patty!
A collection that includes 3 lbs. of grass-fed, grass-finished ground beef
One 11-oz. package (contains 4 frozen franks)
12-oz., 14-oz. or 16-oz. ribeye steak
5-ounce or 7-ounce prime tenderloin filet
Panorama Organic Grass-Fed 85/15 Ground Beef
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1 lb. frozen organic grass-fed and grass-finished ground beef
Ribeye comes vacuum sealed and frozen.
12-oz.,14-oz., or 16-oz. strip steak
12-ounce package of frozen beef hot dogs
22-oz. or 28-oz. porterhouse steak
Approx. 1.75-lb. bone-in ribeye steak
Strip comes vacuum sealed and frozen.