If you prefer unglazed ham, keep ham in slow cooker for the duration of the cooking process.

To cook and glaze a ham:

  1. Heat ham in a slow cooker on low, allotting 20 or more minutes of cooking time per pound of ham.
  2. When a digital meat thermometer, inserted in the thickest portion of ham, reaches 110 to 120 F, remove ham from slow cooker and transfer to a pan with roasting rack.
  3. Follow oven roasting and basting directions above.

The process of heating a fully cooked ham results in a minimal amount of pan drippings. To ensure that there is enough liquid in the roasting pan at the end of the cooking process to make a gravy, do one of the following things before you place ham in the oven:

  • If you happen to have a ham bone in the freezer from a previous roast, add it to the roasting pan with a few cups of water and a half cup of dry sherry and a few sprigs of thyme.
  • Pour ham or other stock in the bottom of roasting pan.

Then, follow these instructions:

  1. When ham is fully roasted, remove pan from oven and strain liquid through a fine sieve and into a sauce pot.
  2. For more intense flavor, reduce the liquid over medium-high heat until it is concentrated.
  3. To thicken, whisk in a cornstarch slurry (1 tablespoon cornstarch blended with 1/4 cup cold water for every 2 cups of ham broth and drippings). Season with salt and black pepper to taste.