A Day in the Life

The Daily Routine of a Family Farmer

In their own words, farmers for Perdue Farms' brands share their day-to-day life experiences with you. What is a typical day on the farm like? How do farmers raise livestock with tender loving care? Could there be anything better than raising a family on a farm? Watch our videos to find the answers to these and more questions.

Niman Ranch Farmer Elle Gadient

Learn what it's like to grow up on a diversified farm and partner with Niman Ranch. Plus, catch a glimpse of the newest addition of the Gadient family: piglets!

Coleman Natural Farmer Austin Good

This fourth-generation poultry farmer shares a tour of his farm's poultry house at dusk, as chickens enjoy the last few beautiful moments of sunlight on the pasture.

Coleman Natural Farmer Laura Landis

The Landis family added poultry houses in 2016 and now raise organic broiler chickens. Enjoy this property tour, as the family prepares for a new flock of birds.

Niman Ranch Farmers Mike and Ron Mardesen

Father and son explain how they raise hogs for Niman Ranch and feed pigs a healthy diet that incorporates locally sourced ingredients.

Perdue Poultry Farmer Daniel Hayden

Daniel and his family have farmed for Perdue for over two decades. Above all, Daniel cherishes the relationships he has with fellow Perdue poultry farmers.

Coleman Natural Farmer Bobbi Jo

Organic poultry farmer Bobbi Jo and her family raise chickens for both Coleman Natural and Perdue Farms. Bobbi Jo is grateful to work with family.

Perdue Poultry Farmers Pat and Kyle Ellis

The Ellis family, raising chickens for Perdue since 2005, explain how they prep poultry houses for the arrival of chicks and ensure ideal air quality.

Niman Ranch Hog Farmer Austin Palmquist

Austin shares his family's history in farming and steps he takes, including growing his own corn for feed, to raise his livestock with care.

Panorama Organic Farmer Daniel Sinton

Daniel shares gorgeous views of his ranch, which comprises 18,000 acres of open range land, and explains the life cycle of his herds.