Holiday Food Gifts

86 Results

86 Results
Approx. 8-lb. frozen spiral bone-in ham
Approx. 7.5-lb. frozen carving leg of lamb
Approx. 7-8 lb. bone-in rib roast
A collection of six 29- to 37-oz. Cornish hens
Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Chateaubriand Roast
Approx. 2-lb. beef tenderloin filet mignon roast
Approx 1.25-lb. uncured ham
Approx. 2.2-lb. package of frozen lamb shanks (2 shanks per package)
Approx. 2-lb. package of frozen lamb chops (5 to 7 chops per package)
Approx. 1.25-lb. package of frozen boneless lamb sirloin
An 8-oz. uncured ham steak
Approx. 3.9-4.6-lb. whole frozen bird
Pasturebird Pasture Raised Whole Chicken
Approx. 3- to 4- lb. whole frozen pasture raised bird