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4th of July Deals

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Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Tri-Tip Roast, 1.5 lbs.
Approx 24 ounces of frozen organic grass-fed and grass-finished tri-tip roast
Approximately 1.4- to 1.8-lb. frozen pasture raised half chicken
14-oz. package of frozen pulled pork
12-oz. package (contains 4 frozen bratwurst)
1.75-lb. bag of frozen wings
Pasturebird Pasture Raised Chicken Wings
Approx 2.25-lb. package frozen pasture raised chicken wings
A 3-oz. package of uncured prosciutto
Cornish hens come wrapped and frozen.
12-ounce package of frozen beef hot dogs
8 Niman Ranch 100% Angus ground beef patties for less than $3.75 per patty!
Approx. 7.5-lb. frozen carving leg of lamb
12-oz. package (contains 4 frozen bratwurst)