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1-lb. package of frozen ground lamb
One 8.5-lb spiral ham and one 13-lb. whole turkey
Approx. 3-lb. pre-seasoned boneless, skin-on turkey breast roast
One-pound bag of frozen, deveined, EZ-peel shell- and tail-on uncooked shrimp
One-pound bag of frozen, peeled and deveined tail-on jumbo shrimp
One-pound bag of three individually wrapped 5-ounce center cut salmon filets
Approx. 10- to 16-lb. or 16- to 20-lb. whole frozen turkey
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Approx. 2-lb. package of frozen lamb chops (5 to 7 chops per package)
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Approx. 2.2-lb. package of frozen lamb shanks (2 shanks per package)

This may be the best turkey recipe ever! Why? Because it's easy -- the perfect recipe for someone who is roasting turkey for the first time. A mixture of oil and herbs coats the skin and lends flavor and moisture as the turkey slow roasts in the oven. Basting during the second half of the cooking process also infuses the whole bird with flavor. A classic main dish for the holidays!

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Approx. 2-lb. frozen Frenched rack of lamb (9 ribs per rack)

Crispy, crunchy and so incredibly juicy! This recipe for deep-fried turkey guarantees a tender and delicious result every time! Be sure to set up your turkey frying station outside and away from your house and check for doneness with a digital meat thermometer.