Weekday Meal Planning Made Easy

With a new school season approaching, who has time for labor-intensive dinner recipes? Here we share some of our favorite ways to use the proteins featured in our Weekday Warrior Bundle. Now you can make amazing meals every night of the week (and enjoy leftovers for lunch)!


weekday warrior premium protein value pack
personal pizzas with cooked grilled chicken strips

Chicken Pizza

This kid-friendly recipe is also perfect for small gatherings. Put out a spread of pizza toppings, divide pizza dough into equal portions and let guests top their own individual pies.

roasted chicken and harvest vegetables

Chicken and Vegetables

A complete dinner cooked in one pan! This easy-prep dinner of harvest vegetables and chicken breasts can be enjoyed any day of the week and is perfect for a sit-down Sunday dinner.

chicken nugget and fruit kebobs

Chicken & Fruit Kabobs

Struggling to get your kids to eat well-rounded meals? Dino nuggets with sweet fruit bites make an irresistible combo!

pork and beef meatloaf

All-American Meatloaf

This recipe comes together quickly; serve for dinner, then enjoy leftovers in sandwiches or slice up and serve cold.

shredded beef street tacos

Shredded Meat Tacos

Heat-and-serve shredded beef or pork serves as the filling for these quick and easy tacos. Set out toppings and let guests customize.