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Inspired by an recipe for short ribs, this dish features a complex flavor profile — spiciness from chiles, bitterness from coffee, slight sweetness from maple syrup and acidity from lime juice. Flavors blend together in a warming and delicious symphony of taste. The slow cooking brings the brisket to the peak of tenderness. Serve brisket over a bed of mashed potatoes or polenta, and it's also good with crispy smashed potatoes on the side. Shred leftovers for taco filling or add to mac and cheese for a second tasty meal.

The perfect centerpiece of a Hanukkah feast and ideal for any cold, wintery day! This braised brisket recipe is easy to make, with melt-in-your-mouth results!

This traditional French dish was originally prepared by grilling the tenderloin, which is quite lean, between two fattier pieces of meat that were then discarded. Today, we’ve learned to quickly sear the roast and then finish in a hot oven to rare or medium-rare. Serve roast with Bernaise sauce, or an easy red wine and mushroom sauce. Add a side of roasted new potatoes for a simple, yet elegant meal that's perfect for any special holiday.

The ultimate main course for a formal dining occasion! This classic beef wellington recipe is easier than it looks to prepare and cook. The flavor payoff is worth the effort!