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Wondering how to perfectly roast a whole chicken? This recipe walks you step by step through the process. Learn how to prep the chicken, roast veggies and even create a gravy you can serve alongside carved chicken. The quintessential Sunday dinner!

This flavor-infused chicken, marinated in a mixture of lemon, olive oil, garlic and herbs, is butterflied and grilled until crisp and juicy. Pair with a spinach salad and orzo for a nourishing meal.

We think this may be the best buttermilk fried chicken recipe around! A Southern comfort food classic, this recipe calls for whole chicken, which is cut into pieces and dunked in a traditional batter and deep-fried on the stove top. Delicious both piping hot and served chilled.

The perfect dish for Sunday dinner, Cornish hens slow roast in a Dutch oven. Dry white wine, tomatoes, garlic and herbs form a delicious broth that can be served overtop. Enjoy with rice or mashed potatoes.

This zesty fresh-from-the-garden dish is the perfect main course to serve at an end-of-summer dinner party. To save time, use store-bought pesto sauce. And serve with a fresh garden salad, couscous and your favorite dry white wine.

This beer can chicken recipe is so easy, you'll want to try no matter what the season. A simple rub and thyme sprigs enhance the natural flavor of chicken, which slow roasts on the grill with partial lid cover. Be sure to carve and serve the whole bird immediately — meat should fall right off the bone!

Just like the drink, this tender, crispy Cornish hen recipe includes all the flavors of a scrumptious Bloody Mary, from spicy notes of horseradish and Worcestershire to dill and tomato. While this recipe suggests topping cooked hens with Bloody Mary sauce, you can of course decide to coat the entire hen with it before baking. Just be sure to cover the hen to avoid charring the tomato. Feel free to add a spin from your favorite Bloody Mary recipe, like a squeeze of lime or pinch of celery salt, to this recipe. This simple sheet pan meal is a filling, all-in-one dish that cooks in just 30 minutes.

Jim Perdue won his sweetheart by cooking up this classic chicken dish, an heirloom recipe passed down through the family.

The cozy combination of maple and bourbon is a timeless classic! Sweet and bold flavors balance each other out, and create a perfectly juicy Cornish hen. If you have never made Cornish hens before, it is incredibly easy! The hens taste exactly like the chicken you’re used to, but they cook faster and are perfect for individual servings. The kids always get a kick out of getting their “very own chicken!” for the first time, too. Serve these hens over a bed of rice, with a simple salad or both. If you have any leftovers, you can shred the meat and include it in delicious sandwiches, soups or over salads throughout the week! Do not worry about including bourbon in your recipe if you have children: All alcohol will cook off while the hens are baking. But, you can always leave it out, and still have a juicy, flavorful meal!

In this easy dinner recipe, crispy, oven-roasted Cornish hens are placed atop a bed of wild rice. A rich and creamy bacon and wild mushroom gravy, drizzled overtop, makes this dish a meal to remember.

Wondering how to grill a whole chicken? This easy to follow recipe walks you step by step through the grilling process. A sweet and spicy dry rub lends the ideal Tex-Mex flavor while a creamy salsa can be served on the side for those who like to dip.

The perfect harvest-time main course! Here, Cornish hens are slow roasted with apple juice and apple slices for a sweet and savory flavor. Dripping from the pan, plus white wine, make a delicious sauce to serve overtop.