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What’s the difference between a sausage stuffing recipe and the best sausage stuffing recipe ever? Niman Ranch apple gouda sausage! This delicious dish will add a gourmet twist to Thanksgiving dinner or any formal meal – and the best thing is that it takes only 35 minutes to bake!

A quick and easy weeknight dinner, this pasta dish pairs some of our favorite flavors: the spicy goodness of bratwurst, hop bitterness and sweetness of amber ale and the rich and creamy decadence of Parmesan cheese. Peas lend a hint of color and also subtle crunch.

A comfort food favorite that never goes out of style! Here, a traditional rice and beans recipe is upgraded with Niman Ranch’s beer-infused cheddar bratwurst. This stick-to-your-ribs supper is just as good for Sunday dinner as it is any night of the week.

With grilled asparagus and kielbasa, this vinegar-based potato salad becomes a one-bowl meal. If you can't find fingerling potatoes, use baby new potatoes. And for added nutrition, toss in baby spinach and halved cherry tomatoes before serving.

We think this might just be the best of all recipes using gnocchi! Eggplant, tomatoes and garlic come together in a chunky sauce that’s served atop steamed, sautéed gnocchi and Niman Ranch’s famous Italian sausage. Fresh basil garnish and a sprinkle of Parmesan make this dish a feast for the eyes and the soul!

We think this may just be the best macaroni and cheese recipe on the planet! Why, you ask? Because we take the traditional baked macaroni and cheese recipe and infuse it with Niman Ranch’s tender and juicy apple and gouda sausage, plus an extra serving of smoked gouda cheese. To cut the richness of the cheese, accompany this comfort-food dish with a glass of Cabernet.

This hearty wintertime soup is flavored with cumin and your favorite salsa. Kielbasa sausage adds a hint of spice and the addition of black beans gives this soup a chili-like consistency. Enjoy with a dollop of sour cream on top.

Planning your own dim sum party? Here’s how to make Chinese dumplings that your guests won’t be able to resist. This easy potsticker recipe calls for wonton wrappers and filling made with Niman Ranch’s sensational Italian Sweet Sausage. Serve up with your favorite dipping sauce or make a batch of your own.

When it comes to easy one-pot meals, this recipe may be one of our favorites. Perfect for fall, this dish pairs sweet potatoes and crisp, ripe apples with smoky apple gouda sausage. For an extra-special touch, top with your favorite brand of red sauerkraut, chopped green onions and parsley.

Whether planning a tailgate menu or gathering that calls for football party food, this dish should be on the list! These pastry dough-wrapped brats, from Niman Ranch’s specialty line, are served up with a sensational mustard dipping sauce. Your crowd will dunk and devour in no time flat!

A party appetizer guaranteed to please your crowd! Specialty beer brats are paired with creamy goat cheese and a shaved Brussels sprouts slaw to make a crostini topping that transcends marinated tomato and basil.

The easiest appetizer ever! Grill sausage, slice into bites and thread on skewers with cheese cubes and tomatoes or pickled peppers. Serve with your favorite mustard or flavored mayo for dipping.