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Best Selection of Finger Foods and Appetizers

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Budweiser® BBQ Game Day Bundle

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Marinated and Broth-Glazed Chicken Wings

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Beef and Pork Bonfire Essentials

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maple syrup-glazed chicken wings recipe

Maple Mustard Wings

This simple dish packs a lot of flavor in a fun yin and yang combo that will tempt your tastebuds. Add all ingredients to a slow cooker and cook all day or overnight while you prepare for your game day gathering.


Ribs, Sausages and Nuggets for Big Appetites

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Niman Ranch Fat Tire Pork Ribs (Precooked, Sauced)

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Perdue SimplySmart Organics Whole Grain Nuggets

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Niman Ranch Applewood-Smoked Kielbasa

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Niman Ranch St. Louis-Style Spare Ribs (Uncooked)

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Jam-Glazed Spare Ribs

A glaze made from plum jam or the fruit spread of your choice creates a sweet coating that adds just the right amount of crunch to otherwise tender and juicy spare ribs. A crowd favorite, this dish is best served piping hot with Asian rice or a side salad.