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Caesar dressing lends zest to this pasta salad recipe, which is topped with our tender and juicy chicken nuggets. Serve for lunch or a healthy, quick and easy dinner.

Melted pepper jack cheese and a heaping spoonful of barbecue sauce are the perfect toppings for barbecue-seasoned popcorn chicken, which is served up in a warm, buttery bun. This appetizer recipe is perfect for football parties, birthday fetes and casual gatherings, large and small.

The ooey, gooey goodness of a classic chicken parm sandwich in a bite size that's perfect for parties! Use your favorite buns and marinara sauce to build these sliders, then pop in the oven and let cheese melt before serving.

Bake a few batches because these spicy morsels won't last long! Chicken nuggets are flavored with Asian five-spice powder, baked and served with a homemade apricot marmalade and Dijon mustard dipping sauce.

Keep an ice-cold beverage close at hand because these baked chicken chunks are HOT! The perfect appetizer for a football party, these bit-size morsels are roasted in the oven before being dunked in a spicy pepper oil. Serve with coleslaw, celery and blue cheese dressing and your favorite tailgate party foods.

The flavor of fried rice without the carb overload! This stir-fry comes together quickly, thanks to pre-cooked chicken chunks. To customize, toss in your favorite diced vegetables.

Quick and easy treats that the kids will love to make! Our crispy chicken nuggets are paired with swiss cheese and deli ham to make snacks that will tied everyone over till dinnertime.

This main course salad is the perfect way to use ripe strawberries and fresh snap peas. Goat cheese, candied nuts and your favorite balsamic vinaigrette top this delicious entree.

Struggling to get your kids to eat well-rounded meals? This dish may do the trick! Our tender, crispy and delicious dino nuggets are paired with melon, grape and pineapple bites to create fruit kabobs that kids will devour. Perfect for a quick lunch or afternoon snack.

A quick and easy dinner idea that incorporates fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes and basil! In this twist on classic bruschetta, a tomato, garlic and basil relish is used to top baked chicken tenders. Top with Parmesan cheese and serve alongside a salad.

This appetizer is destined to become your football party food favorite! With all the flavor of hot wings minus the mess, these mini skewers, made with precooked chicken chunks, come together quickly. Serve with your favorite Buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing.

Homemade vinaigrette lends complexity to this garden-fresh Greek salad, which incorporates your favorite ripe tomatoes and tender, juicy gluten-free breaded chicken tenders. Serve for lunch or as a light dinner.